An effective and fun way for teachers to communicate with parents, observe children and manage classrooms

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View events per class or child, including extra murals, timetables, themes and more!


Message all parents with a click of a button. Private messaging also an option!


Both School and Class News can be shared with parents!


Set daily or weekly reminders for a class or child!


Upload school events. View class yearbooks online!


Access to all teacher, parent contact details!


View individual child attendance per term!


Upload homework for parents to view and approve once done!


Paperless, online billing and school fee payment reminders for parents!


Automatically import incidents, attendance, achievements, detention, progress, test results!


Record each child's achievements, progress, incidents, notes, actions on a daily basis!


Snapshot of news, reminders, messages and events! Setup noticeboard notification alerts!

Tracking your child's progress from Grade N to Grade 12

ChildCloud is an all-in-one, easy to use software management system that tracks the progress of a child, reports incidents, captures online check-ins, photos, messaging, calendar and more.

One platform for all your teacher parent communication

A professional, yet fun way for teachers to communicate with parents, observe children and manage classrooms.

Web-based school communicator & management system

ChildCloud can help you save time while improving communication and increasing parents' participation at school events.

What people are saying...

Brett Pearson - Headmaster
Forres Preparatory School

"ChildCloud is simple in appearance, easy to use and has a myriad of features. I would highly recommend the system."

Shelley Bergman - Head Teacher
Little People Montessori

"I am confident to say that I can highly recommend ChildCloud. It provides a solution for busy parents to keep track of their children's school life."

Mandy Arora - Principle
Little Stars Montessori

"We having so much fun with our Virtual Classroom. Thank you ChildCloud for all your support. "