Frequently Asked Questions

The school administrator needs to send a unique 10 digit code to the parent, which the parent needs to enter to access the site.

Simply click forgot password under the sign-in boxes and we will email you a link to update your password.

No, You will need to log out of your teacher profile account and the login with your different password.

Yes, we have a feature called Contacts which lets you either message, email or call other parents privately.
Parents can set their notification settings should they not want to be contacted by other parents.
We do not however allow parents to send group messages or leave comments on the public platform.

Yes, here are some of the ways we protect your information:
a) Parents can only gain access through an invitation from their child's school using a unique 10 digit code.
b) Parents can set their own privacy options for their own child's attributes such as Photos, ID, Address and Activities.
This enables parents to control what they expose to their contacts.
c) ChildCloud uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to protect your data.

Yes, parents have full control, allowing them to add their child's events, extra murals etc to personalise their calendar.
No one see's the parents private entries.
Parents can filter between their personal, school and class entries on the calendar.
The school and teacher entries are visible to all.

ChildCloud is currently supported on Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

We offer a FREE service for Parents and Teachers, and our commitment to you is that it will always be FREE.
The school has a variety of pricing options to consider such as SMS and Email credits, branding rights, etc.
Our costs to the School are very reasonable, making us the most competitive in the market place.

The parent can login to their profile, click the profile icon in the top right, then click "Settings"
Within the settings section, the parent has the ability to turn on and off the photo sharing option.
Parent profile photo visible: (Yes / No)
Child profile photo visible: (Yes / No)
Child's photo to appear in online gallery? (Yes / No)